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OPHORA’s Bio-Quantum Drinking Water Station is our most robust point of use drinking water system including the added benefit of ozone purification and increased oxygen levels, assembled in a sleek, aesthetically pleasing fully integrated design. This point-of-use-system produces hot and chilled, nano-pure, re-mineralized, pH-balanced, structured, oxygenated water on tap. The perfect fit for any home, office, gym or spa, eliminating the unnecessary burden of single use plastic bottles!

  • Increased bio-available oxygen to 10-12ppm
  • Purifies point of use drinking water to 0.0001 microns
  • Ozone diffusion technology
  • Robust UV light sterilization
  • Naturally re-mineralized with essential minerals (Na, K, Mg, Ca)
  • pH balanced to 8.0-8.5
  • Incorporated water re-structuring technology
  • Energetically polished with rose quartz crystal
  • Plumbs directly into any existing water line
  • Annual filter replacement

Bio-Quantum Dimensions

54” D x 13 3/8” W x 14 ½” D

Please Note:

The Bio - Quantum is designed to filter municipal (city) water. Submit a full panel water report for approval if you are considering an Ophora unit to treat well water. Questions, or to submit your water report, please email:

The Bio - Quantum needs to be installed at least one week after receiving the system at the risk of filters and membrane fouling.