The Ultra Estate Home System was designed for the health-conscious family looking for the best tasting, ultra-pure water available today. The Ultra Estate System nano-filters to 0.0001 microns and ultra purifies, delivering high quality, oxygen-rich, restructured water to every faucet in your home. Drinking, bathing, and showering in OPHORA Water is one of the most important steps you can take to promote good health. In a world of mediocre, mass-produced water filtration systems, the OPHORA Ultra Estate System is ideal for health-conscious individuals. With its 14 layers of robust proprietary filter media, our patent-pending system has been specifically engineered as the ultimate solution to the substandard and problematic source water flowing into our homes. This isn’t just another carbon-based filtration system labeled as a whole home device by the water industry. OPHORA’s Ultra Estate technology is the only guaranteed and proven methodology for removing all known (and rarely-detected) pollutants from source water, including difficult to remove pharmaceuticals and trace hormones.

  • Infused with adjustable 15-50 PPM stabilized oxygen
  • Free of Residual Taste and Odor
  • 80% less waste water then comparable Reverse Osmosis systems
  • Integrated Anti-Leak Technology
  • Portable pre-plumbed, pre-wired, and totally self contained
  • Crated and shipped anywhere worldwide
  • Simple Annual Maintenance Contract
  • Exclusive 1-Year Limited Warranty


Levels of filtration estate


Microns Nano-Filtered


Pollutants Filtered


sq ft Homes Accomodated